Thursday, November 19, 2015

Living Out Loud

It's late, and I should be sleeping. I have been far too neglectful when it comes to recording the miracles in my life, though, and I couldn't let one more escape without acknowledgement. 
Since moving to Bloomington, I've been blessed with great friends in the YSA branch here. I have also gotten to know my coworkers better, and unsurprisingly, the latter occasionally hear about the former. This is especially true since the YSAs are the most prominent aspect of my social and outside-of-work life. 
Today, my co-trainee and I were meeting to work on a project together. Our conversation turned casual and I asked about his plans for the rest of the day. He returned the question and I mentioned that I was going to a class-- a bible study class. I had mentioned the church to him a bit before and I guess he was curious, because he took that opportunity to ask me some questions about being Mormon. My answers were probably far short of what they should have been. Too casual maybe, not as precise as possible, and not nearly organized. I was amazed, though, at how easy it was to explain things simply, though incompletely. I hope the things I left out don't negatively affect his curiosity or understanding. It's a small step, but I hope he will continue to express interest and allow me to befriend him outside of just work. 
At institute, we talked about how Jesus Christ restored the Gospel and is the head of the church (through prophets and apostles) today. I was overwhelmed with gratitude in that lesson, as I reflected on my experience at work, and how blessed I am to have a knowledge of the FULLNESS of this Gospel!! I know that the Priesthood authority is real, and contained only in this church. It's amazing, and I feel so humbled and grateful. I know that God knows me and is continually watching over and guiding me in all my experiences.