Friday, February 7, 2014

Sister Franks in the Philippines - Pictures 5

There's a garden/farm next door to one of our investigators (JB--he's so great! If I get time, I'll include a story about him this week), and Sister Medina really wanted some of these veggies (I can't remember what they're called--they're okay but not super delicious unless they're in soup). We just asked for 30p (about 75 cents) worth, which in a grocery store isn't a lot, but when it's fresh from the farm it turns out that's a ton! So we were blessed to be able to give a lot away in the appointments that followed.

This cat looks just like Jerry when he was a kitten. It makes me happy every time we visit these members. He's so cute. :)

One of the funnest things about the Philippines is the way they feel about chickens. All the roosters (and even most hens) here either have leashes (like this one) or little individual/transportable cages. The people here take such good care of the chickens. They pick them up, pet them, carry them around, etc. It's like a pet almost, but with purpose. Mom and Dad: I think you would like the Filipino attitude toward farm animals. They're so respectful and caring. Sister Dudas (Filipina) especially loves chickens. Which was pretty fun because Sister Tingey (American) did not at all. Or at least she didn't think they should be picked up and held, as much as Sister Dudas tried to convince her otherwise. :P

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