Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Father's True Love

You know how you sometimes stumble across those friends who care about you so much they will actually be interested (genuinely, not just for show) in the things you care about? I don't mean sharing common interests--I'm talking about the times when you really just need to vent about your experience at the grocery store, for example, and rather than listening out of pity, your friend is just as emotionally invested as you are. Those relationships are rare, aren't they? But they are beautiful and rewarding.
It has been manifested to me many times, but was reconfirmed today, that this is the kind of love our Heavenly Father feels for us, and the kind of relationship we can have with Him. Because He loves us, He cares about what we care about. The things that matter to us, matter to Him. Not because they are necessarily all that important to Him, in His perfection, but because they are important to us. 
I wrote a song today, as a birthday gift for a friend who lives far away. This friend means a lot to me, and I wanted the song to be special, and of course, high quality. Thinking it over for the past few days, I wasn't getting anywhere. Soon, almost unconsciously, it became a matter of prayer. Just seeking general inspiration and help with this project I had undertaken. As always, I was heard. After real efforts on my part, I was given several gentle nudges which led me in the right way and resulted in a song I genuinely love. 
I don't say this as any kind of brag status. I say this to give credit where credit is due: I know, 100%, that the song did not actually come from me. I listen to it now, and I am amazed that it was produced through my body and coordination. I am humbled to realize that the Lord would take the time and make the effort to expend even a tiny portion of His infinite power, on my behalf. I feel, ever more strongly, how blessed I am to have a Heavenly Father who loves me so deeply, and who is so aware of my life that He would choose to take part in this seemingly insignificant aspect. 
"Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me!"

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