Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sister Franks in the Philippines - January 20, 2014

Hey everyone!!

So I have to apologize, but this is going to be quite a letdown as far as missionary emails go. Sister Medina (my companion) had a doctors appointment in the city earlier, so we were gone most of the day and now I only have about ten minutes to send this email before we need to go print pictures and then go work.

I just want to let you know, though, that I am safe and there's nothing to worry about. We're just short on time today. There are so many things I was going to tell you (okay, that might be a stretch, but I was going to send pictures at least) but it'll have to wait (again). Here's just one cute story/spiritual thought before I leave:

We are teaching the husband of a recent convert who is now less-active (how heart-breaking is that?). They are both in their 70s/80s I think, and the husband has a hard time hearing us so lessons are pretty interesting...we pretty much just shout so probably all their neighbors should count as investigators right now too. :P Anyhow, one of my favorite things about teaching them is hearing the wife pray. She is so sweet, and every time she prays in the lesson, she starts out by saying (in Tagalog, of course): "Heavenly Father, Good Morning po." I don't know why but it just always makes me smile. It's so genuine and from the heart, and I just feel like she really is having a conversation with her Father, telling him about her life and thanking Him for the good things, and asking for help with whatever she needs. I want to develop that kind of sincerity. :)

I know that Heavenly Father really is our Father. We are His children and He loves us so so much. He wants to hear from us, through prayer. But of course, He wants a heartfelt prayer (like how getting a personal email is better than getting chain mail--it actually has real meaning). I know that He listens to our prayers too, especially when we are in need of His help. Even if His answers don't come in the way we want or expect, they do come. I know this from my personal experiences, every single day here. I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and that it is there not just to help us overcome and be forgiven of our sins, but also to comfort and strengthen us when we feel like we can't handle things on our own (because really, we can't. we need Christ. every one of us, every day).

I love you all so much! I hope you are doing well!

Love always,
Sister Emma Franks

P.S. From the Area Presidency Broadcast we had here on Saturday:
"As we turn to Him in faith and prayer, Christ will empower us to be where we are meant to be."
"Don't rob yourself of the precious opportunity to do your duty."
"Rid yourself of fears and fill the void with faith in Christ."
"Feast upon the scriptures, and you will find the spiritual capacity to rise above your challenges."

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