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Sister Franks in the Philippines - November 25, 2013

Happy Monday, again!

Announcement before I forget: next week is our temple day, so p-day will be on Wednesday again.

Also, this email will be pretty short, because we only have about 15-20 minutes left to email (our time is short today because we had a zone activity, which always takes longer than I feel like it should...but it's okay, because it's teaching me humility and submitting my will to the Lord's).

This week has been kind of an emotional roller coaster for me. Like a real Cedar Point roller coaster, not the wimpy kind. Satan has been working really hard on me this week, and on top of that I was sick (just the regular congestion/sinus infection whatnot that I seem to be getting once a transfer, at least there was no fever this time). Anyhow, we weren't able to work last Tuesday, and both Sister Garcia and I have been battling sickness since then (though thankfully we've been able to go out and work anyway). I really love her so much and am so grateful that we are able to support and motivate each other. Even when it gets tough, we somehow are able to stay positive and keep working hard. I'm really amazed, too, at how much it is showing in the results of our work.
I really can't say that we are good missionaries, because honestly I'm not sure how so many miracles come to us every single week. I will say, though, I am truly learning the power of Faith. I told Sister Garcia during our companion study the other day, actually, how I feel like we're superheroes--how at the beginning they have this power but they don't know how to control or use it and things go crazy, but then once they develop the discipline, they can do awesome things. We're still learning how to control it, but I feel like that's how the power of Faith is becoming for us. We're doing everything we can to be obedient, and to expect the Lord to help us reach our goals and help our investigators, and He really has never let us down!!

Also, someone please tell Sam (DeBaltzo) thank you for me. He was in one of my dreams last week when I was feeling pretty low, and was really encouraging to me. Haha so even though I know it's really my subconscious, I feel like I owe him.

I have to close now, but just so you don't worry about me, I want to let you know that even though being a missionary is tough, I know that it is the biggest and most important thing I will ever be a part of. We are changing lives, of course, but even more than that, we are helping people work out their Eternal Salvation. It's a huge blessing to be entrusted as a representative of our Savior Jesus Christ, and I know that the only reason Satan is working so hard to discourage me is because he knows what a threat we are as instruments and servants of our Heavenly Father. He wouldn't be trying to bring us down if we weren't doing something good. So if ever you have discouraging thoughts or feel like life is just HARD, remember that: it's just because Satan feels threatened. If you choose the Lord's side instead of giving in to discouragement, you will be capable of so much more, and will receive so many blessings for your service.

I love you all so much! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving week!!! Talk to you in December! ;)

Love always,
Sister Emma Franks

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