Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sister Franks in the Philippines - Pictures

So before I type up the thoughts from my life this week, I just wanted to send you some pictures so you could get a taste of my life here. These pictures aren't actually a super accurate description, but they're some of the more exciting aspects. Hope you enjoy! :)

Family picture on my first P-Day! This is my Tatay (that means "dad") Elder Argyle--basically he's just the senior elder in our district-- and my Nanay ("mom"/trainer) Sister Campbell. They are both wonderful! That day was super hot though...

In one of the neighborhoods in our area, we came across these goats just chilling by the road. So of course, we took pictures!

There are also SO MANY KIDS here!! It's so fun! We run into them on the street a lot, and Sister Campbell used to teach at a day-care/preschool so she loves to stop and talk to them. :) This is their "tough guy" picture.

This is about an "jungle-y" as our mission gets. It's actually a path through the woods that we took as a shortcut to get home from the mall (yeah, there are malls, it's pretty great. life is surprisingly American here sometimes) one day. It was super muddy, but so worth it because it's absolutely beautiful!

Sister Regine's baptism!! :) She the girl in white, of course. The brother (Joel) that baptized her is one of her coworkers; he is the one who referred her, and he has come to church with her every week, even though he's from a different ward. He has pretty much been the perfect example of what a fellowshipper should do/be. We are so lucky to have been able to work with him and most especially with Sister Regine! Sister Lisa is the girl to the right of Sister Campbell (who I think thought we were doing a silly picture? :P). She's wonderful, too, but will have to wait for baptism because her family is very against it right now.

Sister Campbell has more/better pictures that I'm going to copy, so I'll send more later or next week. I just wanted to give you a little view of my wonderful life here, though. :)

Sister Emma Franks

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