Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sister Franks in the Philippines - Pictures 3

Opening Christmas presents with my kabahays after Christmas Conference (hence our matching t-shirts :D). It was a super long day and we were exhausted, which is why we don't look great. :P

The Diaz family at their re-baptism. I love them all so much!! Their house is craziness, as you might imagine with 8 kids. :)

Nope, not a fake background, this is actually our area (San Isidro still). And my beautiful anak. :)

My new companion, Sister Medina!  We look pretty good for a transfer day (running on very little sleep). :)

This is just one of the beautiful views in our area in Morong (those are rice fields, and then the lake). This is right outside the house of a part-member family. The daughter (Tere) is being baptized on Saturday. Every day we come here I'm just astounded by how beautiful it is. It looks even better in person.

I don't have much time left and I still have a write a normal email, so that's it for now. :)

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